Darsh looking through his binoculars at Long Reef Headland.

We are a budding Sydney-based bird watching group for people who love birds, outdoor walks, and photography. If you are new to bird watching, check out our getting started guide and outings page for events.

Please bear with us as we build this plane while flying it. If you have ideas, suggestions, feedback, or hate mail, email us at [email protected]. We are also part of a Sydney Discord community, you're welcome to join and come chat with us in #birdwatching. Here's your invite link, tell them we sent you (if you're having troubles joining, send a friend request and DM leooo#0851)!

The website's logo is the infamous Party Parrot.

Urban Dictionary: birb
An animal that delights in being scritched by its hooman slave. Very similar to a bird, only cooter. Consumes many seed.
Ok google, define birb...